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BACPT sets the ethical and professional standards for BACPT registered Clinical Play Therapists in the UK.

BACPT registered Clinical Play Therapists are senior professionals who have chosen to complete extensive professional training and clinical practice, and are specialist consultants in their chosen research area of expertise, working in clinical settings.

Clinical Play Therapy draws extensively upon a number of key professional skills and competencies within the fields of psychology, education, health and social care, and these are reflected in the BACPT professional standards. BACPT ethical and professional standards are embedded in the training pathways that each Clinical Play Therapist has chosen to complete at doctorate level. These include psychiatry, clinical psychology, educational psychology, play therapy, family therapy, social work and education.

Individuals can choose to register as a Clinical Play Therapist with BACPT, and will have completed a related degree, postgraduate level training and doctorate research. They will be engaged in continuing professional development each year in a higher education framework. Our BACPT Professional Standards Audit outlines the original evidence we need to audit as part of the BACPT Clinical Play Therapist registration process.

BACPT Membership Benefits

As a registered member of BACPT you will receive professional support to help your service provision to your clients and their families. BACPT membership and professional support is free.

BACPT Support

As a registered member of BACPT you are fully supported, enabling you to contact our team of senior professional consultants for advice, support and consultancy regarding your Clinical Play Therapy professional practice. For example, you may wish to use our consultancy service in regards to: clinical diagnosis, formulation and assessment; interventions and approaches; evidence-based data collection and psychometric testing; multi-disciplinary professional practice; referrals; reflective practice; or any professional queries or further support you may need within your professional Clinical Play Therapy practice. We can support you in finding clinical supervision, appropriate continuing professional development and training that meets your individual needs, and counselling for your emotional health within the complex and demanding cases you are involved in.

BACPT Professional Competencies

All BACPT registered Clinical Play Therapists have demonstrated their core professional competencies and high standards, which are embedded in their chosen training pathways at doctorate level, and have been fully audited by BACPT. Each BACPT registered Clinical Play Therapist has demonstrated the following to BACPT:

1. Proof of Identity and Address

2. Enhanced Disclosure

3. Psychology Degree programme certification

4. Post graduate level training in Play Therapy and Family Therapy

5. Play Therapy Research at Doctorate Level

6. Continuing post-qualifying professional development at higher education level in their chosen area: Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Play Therapy, Family Therapy, Social Work and Education

7. Engagement in regular Clinical Supervision

8. References with supporting evidence from each employer and educational institution attended

9. Personal and professional indemnity insurance

10. Their professional setting adheres to the National Clinical Assessment Service Framework, British Health and Safety Standards, and is fully insured

How to register with BACPT

Please send us your CV including full details of your training and professional experience. We will contact your training provider and employers directly, and begin your registration process at this point. Please email us to begin your BACPT registration. All photocopies of documents and evidence must be certified by a UK solicitor.

Only senior and qualified professionals who have fulfilled each one of the ten BACPT Professional Competencies are eligible for BACPT Membership.

Associative BACPT Membership is available for professionals who have completed levels 1 through to 5, and are working towards their full BACPT Membership.

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